From gender dysphoria to surgical circular economy: an expert meeting – Lucca, 4-6 settembre 2019

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Vi presentiamo il corso gratuito From gender dysphoria to surgical circular economy: an expert meeting che si terrà a Lucca, presso l’auditorium di Palazzo Ducale, dal 4 al 6 settembre 2019.

Il corso è accreditato per: Psicologi, Medici Chirurghi Specialisti in Psichiatria; Chirurgia Generale; Chirurgia Plastica e Ricostruttiva; Ginecologia e Ostetricia; Urologia; Anestesia e Rianimazione; Psicoterapia; Infermieri; Educatore Professionali con 16 crediti ECM.


Transgender individuals have gender identities that di er from sex recorded at birth. Surgery represents an early focus in the organized program planned to assist these patients although just some of them are looking for obtaining surgical procedures such as external genitalia removal and vaginoplasty or penile reconstruction or breast prostheses implant. Most of other subjects are seeking for non surgical transgender medical services, including hormone therapy, primary care and mental healthcare. The process of aligning physical characteristics with gender identity may also involve other aspects such as change in appearance (e.g.with clothing, make up and accessories) and do not involve the surgeon but other professionals such as psychiatrists, endocrinologists, sociologists. Due to these reasons gender disphoria has to be considered as a big challenge for future people communities. Previous studies estimate that 0.6% of US adult population are transgender. Europe Union seems to be in line with the same number of people. It means that about 4 million people in Europe are a ected by gender disphoria and are waiting some help for adequate treatments.
Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Pisana has been recently recognized as one of the most representative Italian centers dedicated to transgender surgery and has been appointed as the referral center on the topic in the mid-Italy area.

Due to these reasons we planned the meeting entitled “FROM GENDER DYSPHORIA TO SURGICAL CIRCULAR ECONOMY: AN EXPERT MEETING”. All aspects of gender disphoria will be discussed during the rst day of the meeting while transgender surgery “live sessions” by the most recognized expert surgeons in the eld will be performed during the following days. Moreover some interesting aspects regarding tissue recovery and banking will be also discussed in the meeting nal session. You are all invited to join this interesting event.

Dr. Riccardo Bartoletti and Dr. Girolamo Morelli


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