Dr. Kalaaji and Dr. Bernardi from 5th Norwegian-American Congress

We are here in Oslo, Norway, at the fifth Norwegian-American Congress organized by our friend Amin Kalaaji.

AICPE has been present and I have presented body reshaping, brachioplasty and many other topics.

It is a pleasure for me to invite our friend Kalaaji, president of the congress, to the next congress in Rimini.

Amin, you are invited to our congress in Rimini next year. Please, come!

Thank you, Claudio. I am very happy you are here and there are many Italians that came to this meeting. I’m so happy and so honoured to be there next year.

I am looking forward to meet my Italian colleagues and to share my experience with you and learn from you, so thank you very much. We will be waiting for you in Rimini.