Aicpe the association

Who we are

The specialization of plastic surgery has its origins in the First World War with the first surgical reconstructions of soldiers mutilated in battle. One of Italy’s founding fathers in the field was Prof. Sanvenero Rosselli, who went on to apply his reconstructive abilities to aide patients with cosmetic imperfections. Thus, cosmetic surgery derives from techniques of reconstructive plastic surgery. To date, all surgeons specializing in plastic surgery dedicated to cosmetic surgery, are first trained in reconstructive plastic surgery.

In September, 2011 the Associazione Italiana di Chirurgia Plastica Estetica (AICPE) was founded, thereby remedying what had hereto been a typically Italian shortcoming. In fact, though this association may constitute a novelty in our country, it is by no means new in other European and Non-European countries (Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Holland, the United States, Argentina, Australia, etc.), where associations representing all those involved with cosmetic surgery live in harmony with associations devoted to plastic surgery, with each association representing its own field and, above all, striving to meet the varying needs of their constituents and patients. In effect, a professional who chooses to deal exclusively with cosmetic surgery has interests and aspirations that differ from one who dedicates him/herself exclusively to microsurgery or burns, disciplines that, given their complexity, demand total dedication. Freelance professionals that rely exclusively on cosmetic surgery to support themselves, as well as the numerous hospital and university-based doctors that practice this discipline with a passion, have specific needs that colleagues dedicating their entire lives to the strictly reconstructive aspects of surgery do not share.

The goals for which the association was created are:

  • to promote the formation and practice of cosmetic surgery, in the aim of enhancing the exchange of knowledge among qualified surgeons towards the advancement of cosmetic surgery
  • to sustain and defend cosmetic surgery as a recognized and respected discipline
  • to develop and encourage the practice of high standards of personal, professional and esthetic conduct among its members
  • to establish stable relationships with international associations of cosmetic surgery
  • to promote a better understanding of cosmetic surgery among doctors and, in particular, among general practitioners
  • to spread all of latest information on the medical profession as well as the most recent results of scientific research among its members
  • to make available certified information and to provide counsel to all those seeking information on cosmetic surgery

Registration fees will guarantee the AICPE’s economic autonomy and make it possible to respond to the specific needs of its members and to reach certain goals, such as the creation of a high-level press office, the services of a public relations consultant, the formulation of a specific insurance contract (though we are well aware that this is a very difficult goal to realize), the recourse to legal defense specialized in this sector (of increasing necessity, unfortunately), the creation of a captivating website that is easily accessible to search engines and one that can successfully compete with the myriad of well-designed commercial websites existing, the creation of a buyers consortium, and a variety of other elements. These elements, however, are very costly and will entail that a consistent fee be paid by whoever should decide to become a member.

The AICPE’s statutes were drawn up bearing in mind the requests and objections of all those who participated in the assemblies held. The statutes have been subsequently perfected by a legal studio specialized in this field.

Among the characteristics desired by the AICPE’s “founders” are: greater flexibility in decision making, increased involvement of the partners, who are to be briefed on the proceedings of each meeting of the Board of Directors, a direct line between the Partners and the Board of Directors. Interactivity is to be the AICPE’s central characteristic.

The assignment of the various charges (president, secretary, etc.) will not be considered as the conferment of personal prestige, but are merely intended as a means of better distributing the commitment that each and every member is prepared to make in the aim of furthering the common professional, cultural and ethical interest. The AICPE’s every act must bear the stamp of correctness and transparency and every decision must be taken in a democratic way, taking into account the opinion of all partners, a process easily monitored by access to internet. Elections must also be “apolitical” and transparent: whoever has time to dedicate to the common good will be free candidate him/herself and, should he/she be elected, will be expected to work hard without hoping for particular privileges in return.

The Board

Name and surname Position E-mail
Flavio Saccomanno President
Giovanni Botti Honorary President
Pierfrancesco Cirillo Vice President
Gabriele Muti Secretary
Claudio Bernardi Treasurer
Alessio Caggiati Adviser
Luca Cravero Adviser
Alessandro Gualdi Adviser
Giovanni Salti Adviser
Paolo Vittorini Adviser
Bruno Bovani Arbitrator
Roberto Bracaglia Arbitrator
Alessandro Casadei Arbitrator