About us

AICPE Onlus, is a non-profit Association and a satellite of AICPE, the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

It was founded with the aim of carrying out of charity and solidarity activities to help disadvantaged people who experienced unfavourable psycho-physical or socio-economic conditions, with particular attention to developing countries. In accordance with the Articles of Association, in addition, the non-profit organisation will also be able to promote and implement technical and scientific, cultural and professional training programmes both in Italy and abroad, also through the creation of care and training centres.

Various kinds of charitable activities are in the DNA of most AICPE members, as they have been involved for many years in different charitable projects and activities both on a personal basis and within other non-profit organisations.

So why have we established a new non-profit association?

The benefits are and will be many.
Part of the profits of courses or congresses held or sponsored by AICPE will be donated directly to AICPE Onlus, and, taking advantage of the favourable tax regime enjoyed by all non-profit organisations, we will be able to use one hundred percent of all the funds received to finance various projects, without any tax deductions. In addition, AICPE Onlus may become the only reference collector of funds to donate to charity, both from all of us members and indirectly through companies or external benefactors.

Finally, AICPE Onlus may promote projects independently or in association with other organisations, giving life to those humanitarian missions that many of us do or have done in developing countries by bringing our work and our skills directly where they can be of help, as a testimony of the close link between the surgery-therapeutic act and charity, without any mediation, or interests different from those to protect the right of the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to health.

This will also aid to enhance the main aspect of our profession that is to pursue the psycho-physical wellness of the person at all times, however, and wherever we may be.

Claudio Bernardi
Former President