Greetings from the President

Dear Members,
following the voting during the AICPE Onlus General Assembly has been elected the new Board of Directors for the next three years 2016-2019.

With great pleasure, I announce the names of the new Board Members who will support me in this new commitment of elected President: Adriana Pozzi (Deputy President), Paola Emiliozzi, Paola Pasquini, Nicola Monni, Carlo Carusi, Claudio Bernardi (Former President).

I would like to thank Claudio in particular, now former President, for the outstanding work done in these 3 years which have led to the achievement of important results thanks to his teaching to be available and involved during missions and witness in the search for new strategies to enrich the resources of our proud non-profit organization.

My commitment will be to continue the path traced extensively up to this moment, with the missions already under implementation and also develop, with the ideas of the young people who have joined the Board of Directors, new strategies of development and growth to be able to bring new aid and implement the sensitivity of the community to support ourselves with donations. Creating new networks and synergies with established associations will be one of our main objectives.

Future projects will be in Africa where there is the greatest need for help, but we have welcomed many new members also from Central and South America and we will try to optimise our resources to distribute aid in the best way possible.

Thank you all.

Marco Stabile
AICPE Onlus President