The procedures to make contributions, donations, including the 5x1000 donation, to AICPE Onlus are very simple.

Write on the bank’s deposit slip or on the online one to the non-profit Association on their bank account the correct wording “free donation to AICPE Onlus", and, if the donation is for a specific project, please enter the name of the project as well.

The copy of the receipt is already a valid document that can be delivered to your accountant to receive the tax benefits provided by law.
If the benefactor would like a receipt from AICPE Onlus, in addition to the wording mentioned above, please specify your name and surname and fiscal code in the notes of payment and afterwards you will receive a receipt that you can take to your accountant for deductions.

For donations, please find AICPE Onlus’s details
Tax ID No: 96035560174
IBAN: IT70C0200811400000102628131

For the 5x1000 donation simply write the Association’s Tax ID No. 96035560174 in your Income Tax Return form.

Thank you all for your support!

The President

Marco Stabile


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