Requesting Course Sponsorship

Regulatory standards for AICPE’s approval and/or sponsorship: refresher courses, conferences and meetings

The courses that require an APPROVAL or a SPONSORSHIP are events organised independently by similar scientific associations, organisations or individual plastic surgeon members. The organisers may, at their discretion, provide CME credits via a separate agency. Indeed, sponsorship is not a validation for CME credits.
The programmes of this section must have been examined by the Teaching or Scientific Board which, after appropriate verification and presentation to the Board of Directors, shall act officially for the Italian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s approval or sponsorship.

Requests for sponsorship in which Dentists are included will not be taken into consideration.

AICPE-approved courses will only be able to use the logo that will appear on all the printed material of the conference or meeting and will be published in the dedicated section of AICPE news.
Courses with AICPE’s sponsorship, in addition to having the use of the logo that will appear on all the printed material of the conference or meeting, including certificates of attendance, will have the events published on the website, in the dedicated section of AICPE news, and finally the information and schedule of the event will be sent to our mailing list free of charge.

Fill in the request for sponsorship on the site, attaching the documents requested.

In alternative, you can send the following documentation via email to :

  • request for sponsorship filled in
  • copy of the programme to be confirmed
  • list of the organising committee which must contain at least one AICPE member
  • list of the possible rapporteurs
  • copy of the advertising booklet of the Course/Conference/Meeting (a draft will also be accepted).


To be accepted, the request for sponsorship approval, in addition to containing the aforementioned documents, must meet the following criteria:
- it must be filled out by the person in charge of the event, who must be an AICPE’s active member

- it must be submitted to the Scientific Committee before any mention of AICPE’s sponsorship is added to any material or website.
- The person in charge of the event, before the speakers are invited, should inform the Coordinator
- Director of the Teaching or Scientific Board (or their agent) of the scientific content of the topics covered including the programme and the names of the speakers invited
- The programme of the Course must be aimed principally at plastic surgeons
- The request for AICPE’s sponsorship must not appear in any publication

The approval procedure by the Scientific Committee will take approximately two months. Therefore, all those who make a request should carefully plan their advertising campaign of the scientific event.

To date, AICPE’s sponsorship and approval does not include any economic requests or costs for the organisers.

Course data / conference / meeting

Fill in the required fields with the data related to the course, congress or meeting for which you want to request patronage.