Moments of surgical practice

AICPE has come up with a new initiative called “Moments of surgical practice”, dedicated to our younger colleagues “but not only”, to encourage them to learn various aesthetic surgery techniques.

Below you will find a list of operating rooms of the colleagues who have joined the initiative.
To book your participation, please contact them by phone or e-mail. The secretary of the medical practitioner of our choice will provide you with all the information you may request.

Dr Badiali Valerio
Facility: IEI Italian Aesthetic Institute - Address: Via Crescenzio, 19 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 02 68809359 Simona - E-Mail:

Dr Badiali Valerio
Facility: IEI Italian Aesthetic Institute - Address: Via Molino delle Armi, 4 - City: Milan
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 02 89096550 Simona - E-Mail:

Dr Bellinvia Pietro
Facility: Studio Bellinvia - Address: Via Monte Rosa, 82 - City: Milan
Days: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Phone: 02 462268 - 335 6490097 Giacomo Bellinvia - E-Mail:

Dr Bernardi Claudio
Facility: Casa di Cura Santo Volto - Address: Piazza del Tempio di Diana, 12 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: - E-Mail:

Dr Bernardini Francesco
Facility: Oculoplastica Bernardini  - Address: Via Cecchi, 4 - City: Genoa
Days: Wednesdays
Phone: 010 5705845 Viviana - E-Mail:

Dr Bernardini Francesco
Facility: Casa di Cura Villa Serena  - Address: Piazza Leopardi, 1 - City: Genoa
Days: Thursdays
Phone: 010 5705845 Viviana - E-Mail:

Dr Botti Giovanni
Facility: Villa Bella Clinic - Address: Via Europa, 55 - City: Salò BS
Phone: 0365 41446 Ms Federica - E-Mail:

Dr Campiglio Gianluca
Facility: Casa di Cura Privata Villa Letizia - Address: Via Donizetti, 12 - City: Milan
Days: Lunedì, Martedì e Mercoledì
Phone: 02 43510986 - Ms Monica and Paola (Dr. Campiglio's study) - E-Mail:

Dr Casadei Alessandro
Facility: "Villa Salus" Classified Hospital - Address: Via Terraglio,114 - City: Mestre
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 041 959388 - E-Mail:

Dr Cirillo Pier Francesco
Facility: Day Clinic Eur - Address: Via Sergio Forti, 39 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: - E-Mail:

Dr Giansiracura Giuseppina
Facility: Hospital of Desenzano BREAST UNIT Division - Address: Via Monte Croce, 1 - City: Desenzano del Garda Località - Monte Croce BS
Days: Operating Theatre: Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning - Clinics: Monday
Phone: 342 8040980 - E-Mail:

Dr Martino Carmine
Facility: Check-Up Day Surgery - Address: Via D. Cioffi Zona Industriale - City: Salerno
Days: Wednesdays + a variable day
Phone: 347 194627 - E-Mail:

Dr Pelle Ceravolo Mario
Facility: Clinica Villa Margherita  - Address: Viale di Villa Massimo, 48 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 06 44233494 o 06 44290979 - Ms Anna - E-Mail:

Dr Piovano Luca
Facility: Casa di Cura Santo Volto - Address: Piazza del Tempio di Diana, 12 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 06 536585 - E-Mail:

Dr Rauso Raffaele
Facility: Clinica Ruggiero Artemisia H - Address: Via Corradino Biagi 18 - City: Cava dè Tirreni SA
Days: Mondays and Wednesdays
Phone:‭366 3970763 -

Dr Romeo Francesco
Facility: Clinica Madonna della Fiducia - Address: Via Cesare Correnti, 6 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone:  06 6990073 (surgery) 337 750 850 - E-Mail:

Dr Saccomanno Flavio
Facility: Casa di cura Santo Volto - Address: Piazza Tempio di Diana, 12 - City: Rome
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 06 5757308 - E-Mail:

Dr Siliprandi Luca
Facility: Clinica Città Giardino - Address: Via Piccolo,6 - City: Padua
Days: To be confirmed
Phone: 049 8911049 - E-Mail: