Abstract and Info Submission – 2023

Abstract submission


  • Aesthetic Rhinoplasty and Rhinofiller in Respect of Harmony and Function
  • Breast Ptosis and Mastopexy: goals and challenges
  • Aesthetic Surgery and High Tech Medicine allied for the Lower Limbs
  • The midface : suspension, volumization and more
  • Lipofilling between filling and regeneration
  • Aesthetic Oncoplastic Facial Surgery
  • Mommy make-over and combined postpartum body reshaping
  • Breast asymmetries and malformations: therapeutic strategies

It will be possible to submit abstracts at latest within December the 31th,  2022 (LAST POSSIBLE SUBMISSION), filling in the form that you will find here after.
It is mandatory for the abstracts to be in English as they will be published on a scientific international magazine and they must include: 
1) Objective,
2) Methods,
3) Descriptions and Results,
4) Conclusions.

Abstracts that will not follow the above mentioned criteria for compilation, language and expiring date, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Within the end of January 2023 you will be informed of the acceptance of the submitted abstracts.

NOTE: The Scientific Commission will carry out a strict selection of the received abstracts, so it is advisable to write detailed and exhaustive documents so as to let the validity of the work well understandable. Please note that miscellaneous abstracts will not be considered.

The mandatory format for the acceptance of the abstracts must include: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions.

Instructions for the realization and delivery of PC presentations

Speakers are requested to possibly use PowerPoint for Windows and must give the presentation on a USB pen-drive to the Slides Centre, at least 2 hours before the presentation or, where possible, the evening before.

  1. Computers in used at the Slide Centre for the check of the presentations will use the Windows 10 system and will use the most recent MICROSOFT OFFICE package using the Ppt program (Power Point). Moreover the packege includes Word and Excel. Acrobat Reader that goes along with the software can read the PDF files.
    1. PC
    2. Office Power Point 2013 – .ppt .pptx
    3. Office Excel
    4. Prezi Software for presentations, files must be supplied in (exe) for the correct reading of the document.
    5. The Slide Centre will be supplied by a Mac so that the correct control of presentation for the MAC utilizers.
    6. Presentations prepared with the KEYNOTE software will be handled with a Mac of the SLIDE CENTRE and passed over from the technicians to the Mac settled for these presentations.
    7. Moreover we inform that the Office package will be available also on the Mac. (Generally the export of the documents from Mac to Windows create problems for the graphic part and the visualization of the contents.
    8. Presentations can be used with the speaker device but always utilizing the SLIDE CENTRE.
    9. To avoid problems between softwares, we suggest the Mac user to utilize his computer and to supply to the technician his own adapter.
  2. It is absolutely necessary that any files (movies / video / images) are stored in the same folder as the presentation using PPT if read directly from Power Point.
  3. We suggest the use of simple slides without too many animations and with a font size of 14 points or greater.
  4. If customs fonts are used (not included in “Windows 10 operating system, or Office 2013 or Mac OS) we recommend to bring the necessary fonts for the setting together with the presentation to the Slide Centre, and to inform the staff well in advance (at least 5 hours before the speech).
  5. We suggest to include images in .jpg, .gif or .png format, in order to have a light weight presentations. Other formats may be accepted if accepted by the software we recomand.
  6. We suggest not to exceed 100 MB (movies excluded) for each Power Point presentation.
  7. Movies must have the following extensions: .avi, .wmv, .mpeg. Movies created with proprietary codecs from professional machines, will not be viewable.
  8. We suggest inserting no more than one movie for each slide, with a recommended maximum size of 100 MB each (the Bit Rate is not very high). Should the movie’s size exceed that limit, we suggest bringing a copy of the movies to the Slide Centre well in advance (at least 5 hours before the speech) in order to apply any possible conversion/compression to the file.
  9. In order to quickly upload presentations at the Slide Centre, we recommend the following media supports: pen drive or hard disk USB. It is possible to download the presentations directly from your notebook at the slide centre, if they arrive at the Slide Centre at least 3 hours before the speech.
  10. The software automatically adapts projection format according to the slides’ format of 16:9, however the 4:3 formats can be projected.
  11. Speakers are kindly invited to go to the Slide Centre at least 2 hours before the session’s start in order to verify and upload their presentation. Speaker whose session is scheduled as the first in the morning are kindly invited to deliver their slide at the Slide Centre the day before.


    UPLOAD THE ABSTRACT FILE - Max. 10Mb (.doc - .docx - .odt - .pdf)